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Quirky careers for creative, multi-passionate women

About Pick 'n Mix

You are creative. Multi-passionate. A multi-potentialite. A scanner. Multi-talented. A polymath. A Renaissance woman. Quirky even.

In this community we:

  • Celebrate your creativity, your multiple passions and multiple interests
  • Meet fellow multi-passionate women to bounce around ideas,  do the things we want to do, actively cheer each other on and hold each other accountable for making stuff happen
  • Help you identify YOUR golden thread and build your career around it


Why you should join

What you'll get

Join and you'll get:

  • Access to an amazing community of creative, multi-passionate women
  • Invites to events, access to resources, and insights to help you from where you are now, via doing more of what you love, to identifying your 'golden thread' and building your career around it. 
  • Find an accountability partner - to help you start - and complete! - your projects and help you move forward in your career transformation
  • The ability to purchase further coaching and learning programmes to help you navigate YOUR way - from Frustration to Freedom, Flexibility and Fulfilment - with a good dose of Variety and Fun too!

Coaching & learning

Transforming your career can be hard. It is so much easier (and much more fun!) to do it with others!

My coaching programmes will help you move from where you are today to YOUR unique version of career happiness. 

Your host

Hi, I'm Tineke. I'm a career coach, supporting multi-passionate women like you to build your career around your unique set of skills, strengths and talents. 

My career change coaching programmes are built to support you in your journey from where you are now, to YOUR unique version of career happiness. 

One of my greatest insights came when I realised that I didn't have to choose. That - instead - I could choose to do ALL the things I wanted to do in my career. 

I am a career coach, yes, and I love it. But I'm also a change practitioner, a practising portrait artist, a visual coach, an obsessive doodler and a compulsive reader.  All rolled up into one wonderful portfolio career. 

What are YOUR passions? 

More information about my coaching programmes on my website: www.tineketammescoaching.com

Frequently asked questions

Who is it for?
Pick 'n Mix is for creative, multi-passionate women just like you. High achievers. Women who can turn their hand to literally everything and do it well. Who - as a result - can't decide on what's next in their career. Who want to do it all and don't want to choose.

What does it cost?
It's totally free to join! In the future I will be adding courses, programmes and membership groups to Pick 'n Mix, but I aim to keep the overall platform free.

Will there be face-to-face events?
After Covid a number of you are craving face-to-face events. However, with women joining us from all over the world that is a little bit tricky. So, for the immediate future Pick 'n Mix will be online with free online events happening every month!